Monday 21 October 2013

Wi-Fi Surveillance Of Catastrophe

Present day wi-fi enabled educational institutions, business establishments, restaurants and even market places are a symbol of technological development of a nation.Be it whats app, facebook or any other communication trend, this resourceful technique is at our service. And now a deep sea wi-fi system is being worked upon, not for the whales to track humans using the GPS system but to warn us of catastrophic signals.

Researchers from the University of Buffalo, New York have used sound waves instead of radio waves for the underwater wi-fi system. It is expected to aid in tsunami detection, offshore oil detection and also air pollution monitoring. The chief researcher Tommaso Melodia said that this submerged wireless network will give tremendous ability to procure and analyze data from the oceans in real time.

In this way untold miseries can be pre-informed through smartphones or computer worldwide and curtailed with maximum efficiency if not prevented.

wifi surveillance of catastroph

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