Tuesday 29 October 2013

Hungry and Slave

The first Global Slavery Index has estimated that half the number of global modern-day slaves live in India. The index, published by the Australia based Walk Free Foundation has estimated up to 14.7 million people live like slaves in the country. However, as a percentage of population, Mauritania, Haiti and Pakistan top the list of modern-day slaves  and India ranks fourth.

The estimate is based on practices such as forced child marriage, debt bondage, human trafficking, forced labour and sale and exploitation of children. Among the 162 countries for which data available, Iceland has lowest number of slaves - less than 100.

The Slavery Index and  the Global Hunger Index published on 14th October, are showing the pathetic socio-economic scenario of India. The Hunger Index has shown, despite decline during the last five years, 25 percent ( 210 million ) of global hungry people live in India. 

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