Friday 26 April 2013

Eco Creates Hero

Rossano Ercolini had started as a school teacher and his tireless efforts have turned him into Europe's Environmental Goldman winner  at the verge of 20 years. Having bagged the world's most prestigious award for grass-root activists, for Rossano it was not pre-planned. It was when the council in his hometown Capannori announced to build two waste plant incinerators 2 km away from his school that the problem started bugging him.

Holding small discussions among his society members, he soon got victory in convincing the politicians as well working in touch with Dr Paul Connett, an American professor and activist prominent for his work on incineration. The pros of recycling weighed out that of incineration.

Capannori was the first council to take up zero waste target following 80% of recycling rate. Influenced and inspired, 124 other councils of Italy took up the same as an obligation and surprisingly enough, even Naples, with dominant politics, has been taken up for the challenge.Rossano has also coupled with Lavazza, the leading coffee brand in Italy to find a solution to the rubbish bags full of coffee packaging.

He says:"Zero waste is not a destination, it's a journey. We won't complete it tomorrow, that's obvious, but we have to start today."
Rossano Ercolini

Thursday 25 April 2013

Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI

Saradha Group of Company's fugitive CMD Sudipta Sen wrote a letter to CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) before disappearing. Later he was arrested from Sonmarg in Jammu and Kashmir along with aide Debjani Mukherjee and Arvind Singh Chauhan. The letter was full of allegation and written in wrong English. Below is the full 18 pages letter.

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 1
 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 2

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 3

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 4

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 5

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 6

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 7

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 8

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 9

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 10

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 11

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 12

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 13

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 14

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 15
 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 16

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 17

 Sudipta Sen Saradha letter to CBI - Page 18

Sunday 21 April 2013

Sanchali: Movement Towards Wellness

Dakshayini Gowda, a woman who grew up like any other girl, held great fascination in her grandmother's jewellery. The silver and gold were not the reasons to spellbound her rather it was the jewels embellished with flowers, leaves, twigs and seeds.Her inclination towards art brought her to attain a Bachelor Degree in  fine arts(sculpture) and a Master Degree in Archaeology and Museology.

Her academic background  and research emphasis on pottery, jewellery and textiles of the Indus Valley Civilization motivated her to initiate the project Sanchali(in Sanskrit-movement) to make the students aware of their rich heritage and widen their knowledge about their forefathers. Soon she created imitations of the sculptors for students to see and feel and also started conducting workshops.

Even the unemployed poor women got into the training to make a livelihood out of it leading to the reincarnation of the eco-friendly jewellery with the concept of recycling.
sanchali towards wellness

"Our goal s to revive the dying tradition of recycling. At the same time we aspire to encourage art novices and connoisseurs to draw upon their proclivity for nature,"says Dakshayini. This incredible mix of beauty and education is competent to light up many lives.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Gravity Light

Sir Issac Newton was the first one to observe that the apple falls and the reason is well-known today. It"s gravity, something which holds us stable and also breaks our knee when we stumble. Neither a friend nor a foe, just something to keep us DOWN.

But the London-based designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves have really made a friendly creation out of this so-called trivial monster "GRAVITY". They have designed a gravity powered lamp that can light up far-off remote areas with a bag of sand and rock gradually lowering it towards the ground. A series of gears in the light transfers weight into energy. The innovators estimate that it could be sold off to the villages at a modest price of $5.

Gravity light not only stands as a safer alternative for the expensive and polluting kerosene but also a promising source to light the lives of the poor. An appeal made by Riddiford and Reeves have attracted pledges of more than 257,000 British pound which is quite a handsome amount for the developmental stages of Gravity Light production.
gravity light

Thursday 11 April 2013

Passthoughts for Passwords

How about giving a thought to the thought that if you could just barge into your social connective sites by merely giving the LAN a thought? Confused...then shake off your doubts. Its true and is really going to make you think in the near future.

Phrasing passwords for the different sites in the process of becoming more and more social and upgraded leads to a new inventory of the mind everytime comprising of several uppercase-lowercase characters, numbers and symbols. It becomes a really pesky job to keep a hold of all of them.

To this effect a wireless headset that connects to the computer via Bluetooth has been designed where
passthoughts for passwords
the device sensor measures brainwaves emitting an electroencephalogram(EEG ) signal which is unique to every individual, So even if someone knew the password their emitted EEG would be different.

''The NeuroSky Mindset looks just like any other Bluetooth set and is more user-friendly", researchers at the University of California, Berkeley School of Information said. It even offers multiple options of use with mobiles, music players and other devices.

So jut get ready and count down the moments for it to be commercialized.

Thursday 4 April 2013

Eco-grazing Mowers

As the world's inclination towards nature draws closer, certain unheard and strange plans take their step forward towards a sustainable environment. Cordoning off land and air pollution, people of Paris have taken a step forward to curb noise pollution also.

The archivists in Paris requested the mayor's office for a donkey but instead got 4 watchful black sheep of the Ouessant breed. They have been employed to graze half-an acre of land in the 19th Arrondissement of Paris near the City Hall eliminating the use of noisy, gas-guzzling mowers and costly herbicides to pasture the land.

This eco-grazing plan has other projects at its disposal which would be executed if the City Hall plan works out well. People curious to know about the process are allowed to visit the area and panels have been put up at various places to make them understand what the sheep is actually doing.
eco-grazing mowers

Monday 1 April 2013

Paid to Tweet

This is a Twitter addict's dream come true. Twitter has agreed to pay its users !!! Today, Jack Dorsey (@jack) and Evan Williams(@ev), founders of this micro-blogging website, announced this in a joint press conference.

Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams in Conference

The press statement says "Twitter always wanted to be unique in the sphere of social networking and it has always something special to offer to its users. Today we are rolling out a new feature that would pay Twitter users for every tweet through, a twitter app." Industry sources believe that this move is to counter the ever growing challenge from Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest. Later, in a communication with journalists, Jack Dorsey, current chairman of Twitter, said "This is to reward our active users who has helped to bring in big advertisers on Twitter platform."

Thanks for reading the whole story. It was an April Fool prank.