Saturday 30 March 2013

Sturdy Heart, Stalwart Determination

A life nurtures a life within for 9 long months enduring all the internal pain with the hope of extreme happiness that would dawn upon in the form of all manifestations vested in one. This was the kind of solace that Christine Bertalan sustained while she was pregnant.

But unfortunately the baby born suffered from aortic stenosis in which a valve in his heart didn't form properly and this could cause pressure build up against the inside walls and damage.Christine only wanted her baby to be perfect like any other mother and her will became her persistence. Jesse had bolloon valvuloplasty to open up the narrowed heart valve at the age of 1 year. Since then he has undergone three open heart surgeries.

Though this was a limitation for Jesse to pursue with his interest for baseball, but his mother remained a constant guide and encouraged him never to quit. His determination also knew no boundary and finally he established his own freshman team in his school  in Sacramento, Calif.

He is under constant observation of doctors while his mother serves as a volunteer in the American Heart Association.
Christene and Jesse Bertalan

Friday 22 March 2013

Usefulness of the Useless

According to Oscar Wilde, "Youth is wasted on the young''. But the young generation of today is wise enough to rule out this saying. Their actions speak out their minds to induce a positive change in the world and not just their immature easily swayed decisions resulting from the skirmishes between their mind and heart. That they have ample grey matter to turn the word into a beautiful place has been proved true by four teenage girls from Africa.

The model designed by them is rocking headlines around the world since its submission in the Maker Faire Africa, an event which aims to lead ground-breaking innovations by individual makers to fruition.The girls worked together to assemble a working generator capable of converting 1 litre of urine into 6 hours of  electricity. So turning pee into current requires just a full bladder.

usefulness of the useless
Though it has not yet satisfied the technical criteria to be commercially launched but the young ladies putting an effort to create something valuable from waste is really commendable.

Sunday 17 March 2013

Old Wine in New Bottle

All that is gold does not glitter, the old that is strong does not wither. Well this is quite true in case of wine. The unparalleled taste and appetite for the royal beverage is always on account of the long history it has seen. And so a bottle of beer retrieved from the Aland archipelago in the Baltic sea has become one of the oldest existing beers in the world.

A Finnish microbrewery has decided to upgrade and renovate this 200-year old shipwrecked beer found at the bottom of the Baltic sea in 2010. They are looking forward to impress the beer enthusiasts all over the world with the stimulating aroma of the classy liquor.

The bottles of beer and champagne found deep below were still potable, preserved by the saline water, low currents, an almost constant temperature of 41 degree Fahrenheit, the sea pressure and the bathypelagic zone darkness. But they could not find the exact composition of the beverage.

wine found in deep sea
However, the brewer has agreed to donate part of the sales to the Aland local government to finance research on marine archaeology and improving water quality.  

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Spiritual Philanthropy

Where life seeks life and stands upright with all worries banished away, proves that humanity exists even today. A 7-year old Abigail Williams has added substance to this very concept. She suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Batten's Disease.

Though her parents , Kevin and Christine Williams, had raised a fund of  $33,600 with the hope of their daughter's permanent cure but their expectations were shattered away on getting a cold response from the doctor. God had something still left to be unveiled. Just 10 miles away from Abigail's house lives a small 3-year old boy named Kyle whose parents were working hard enough to raise ample fund for a trans-Atlantic surgery to enable their son to walk for the first time. The Williams have decided to donate their fund for the boy's treatment as it was of no further good to their daughter.

The Weavers were shocked by the generosity of the Williams.Kevin Williams told the Telegraph. "It’s Kyle’s money now – his needs are more imminent than Abigail’s. Hopefully people who donated will understand.”

Though the Kevins have lost their battle of saving their daughter but they have still won by winning humanity continuing to play in the face of defeat.

Spiritual Philanthropy