Thursday 17 October 2013

Treasure Trove Via Dream-Mail !

Archeological Survey of India is starting excavation at a 60 acre dilapidated old fort at Thandia Khera village of Uttar Pradesh, India, from 18th October as a follow up action of a dream-mail of a local holy man, Sovan Sarkar.

The hermit has convinced Government of India that 1000 tons of gold is buried in the abandoned 'Raj Mahal'. The treasure, according to the dream of the pious man, belongs to Raja Rao Ram Box who reigned in the area in mid-19th century.

In order to examine the truthfulness of the dream, a team of Geological Survey of India has already surveyed the fort and  has detected signals from metal 15/20 feet below the 'Raj Mahal', a report says.

Now, the people of India anxiously waiting to know the result of the ensuing excavation.

Update :  After six days of excavation up to three meter depth not a single gram of gold has been traced. Meanwhile, the holy man again has hinted that huge amount of gold will be available from at least four places
of Uttar Pradesh. The spread of the news has led to a mad search for the hidden treasure.

Local gangs partially vandalised the Shiva temple at Piparhari in Banda district and illegally dug adjoining areas of two ancient temples in Fatepur and Banda.

Local administration apprehending  the specter of a new El Dorado in the region. Police patrolling has started around a temple at Chaubepur and Kanpur Parade Ground - the two places in center of the rumour.

Update : After eleven days of continuous excavation up to 5 metre depth, Archaeological Survey of India has stopped excavation at the initial site of 'Raj Mahal'. The excavation team leader has said there is hardly any possibility of obtaining gold in the site.

However, ASI will continue its' excavation at another end of the same area, according to the last report.

Eleven days of excavation has produced some artefacts of 7AD. A few articles are said to be 1BC.

Update : ASI formally and finally stopped all excavation activities at Daundia Khera on November 14, 2013 when a single gram of gold was not traced even after digging the second trench. Now, ASI officials are lamenting for loss of face of the organization and questioning authenticity of the GSI report declaring possibility of finding non-conductive metals below 'Rajmahal'.

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