Saturday 16 February 2013

Sugar beats Antibiotics

In the medical field, sugar is imperative to be correlated with diabetes, low insulin level, hyperglycemia ad other health devils. But as per a new research sugar heals wounds faster than antibiotics.

sugar heals wounds
The study found that granulated sugar poured directly into bed sores, leg ulcers and even amputation promotes healing when antibiotics and other treatments have failed. The sugar draws water from the wound into a dressing thereby fastening the healing process. This method of treatment was initially practiced in Zimbabwe in Africa. Moses Murandu had seen his father use sugar as a healing miracle and revived the obsolete practice again in Britain.

Even the patients seem to recover quite well with this revolutionized ancient technique. Bayliss, a 62 year old electrical engineer who had underwent knee-amputation in his right leg due to an ulcer reported a drastic decrease in his wound from using a whole pot of sugar to just a few teaspoonfuls of it.

Something as simple as sugar has not only given the patients a physical boost but also a psychological boost by eliminating the harms rendered by antibiotics. Perhaps the simplest is the best.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Control Your Headache

Technology today has become our best ally- a cure for everything that leaves no problem unsolved. From helping a new-born to open its eyes in the world to fueling the complex scientific and economic development, technology has always eliminated it debilitation. And now it has come to relieve our headache.

A California based biotech company claims the creation of a device that can cease the crippling pain with the flick of a switch. Developed by Autonomic Technologies Inc., the therapy carried successful trials in Europe thereby relieving 67% of the cluster headaches (more severe than migraine headaches) within 15 minutes.

relief from headache
The company is proposing to launch the model in the market soon after it completes trials in other countries too. As is said "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", the magic is already there, the effects just seem to be too good to be true.

Friday 8 February 2013

Addicts Stay Sober

Addiction is perhaps the most interesting term we find in the dictionary. A perfect oxymoron- a mix of satisfaction and frustration which clings more to the heart of its fanatics than to their system's desire. But life is variable and change constant. It is how hard one has to persevere to take up and keep up to that change. Well, its even harder to be the change. Scott Strode is a remarkable example of this.

Initially, he led the life of an alcoholic and drug addict. But his love for sports overpowered his inclination towards the rest and nipped off his obsession preventing it to proliferate in his entire life.After beating his addiction , Strode found his support through sports. Since 2007, his non-profit, Phoenix Multisport, has provided free athletic activities and a sober support community to more than 4700 people in Colorado.

''Life should be better once you get sober. We want to help people build a new life, a new self-image and have fun without getting high,"says Scott Strode.

addiction done away with sports
If you have an addiction for something that's spoiling your life, perhaps you have not got it right. There is something more deadly which you are still left to discover. It is true passion that upholds you.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Sweet Cider, Refreshing Lives

sweet cider, refreshing life
Locally produced cider is back in fashion and its not only because of local farmers and rural agents but also enterprising cider companies borne out of backyards and the love for the sweet stuff. A glassful of cider, 'scrumpy and western' music marking the onset of cold winter and children moving around marks the morning of the people living on the countryside of the border between Dorset and Devon, UK.

The pressing of the apples begins and everyone gathers around a huge trailer full of apples. Men and women pass buckets of the fruit between the trailer and machine that turns it into pulp and the excited children carry it to the press to extract the clear and sweet juice from it.

This resurgence of homemade cider production has cropped up all over the country and this has risen the South-west Cider Association's membership from 40-68 small scale cider producers in the past 5 years. This has not only benefited farmers and retired landlords but also many young professionals who have come up with a cider press in their back gardens.

 It is not only a way of appeasing the appetite of the people but also a means of living a more natural lifestyle benefiting environment and self, preserving something of the past amid an increasingly modernized today. Besides UK had become used to oranges from California, asparagus from Peru, etc and now is tasting the flavor grown of its own land.

Saturday 2 February 2013

When India Awakes

The Golden Bird of the ancient history always seems to be in a perpetual sleep as the serious allegations go unnoticed and the people remain in an unaccountable frenzy. Only things that pop up in the news regarding India are poverty, government dysfunctions, corruption, unimplemented laws of the largest constitution and obituaries of innocent people.

But in the past few days India was not only awake but also superactive as the Indan government administered polio vaccine to an estimated 172 million children, greater than the entire population of Russia. In 1988, India housed as many as 200,000 people afflicted with polio. However, last month,India marked two years with not even a single polio case.

not even a single polio case
This successful attempt of India waging war against polio and bringing in an unexpected victory clearly proves that what can happen when its government sets rational policies backed with proper funding and immaculate execution.