Thursday 31 January 2013

Liter of Light

"There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or mirror that reflects it." Liter of light is a project which has truly established this saying. This project involves neither any renewable energy source like solar panels or hydroelectric power nor any electricity source to light the house of the poor. Rather it has devised a way of putting the most non-degradable waste matter 'plastic' to produce something clean and renewable.

The story of Liter of Light began in the Philippines when a telecommunication manager Illac Diaz was so  moved to see the plight of the people in the storm hit areas that he left his job and studied about rural and urban planning in MIT. He set up the MyShelter foundation and initiated its project Liter of Light.

It just uses a litre bottle of water which is inserted into a hole in the roofs of the houses. The water refracts the sunlight spreading it around the room providing the same level of light as a 55 watt bulb.

a bottle of water lights up homes
This carbon free alternative source of energy has already brought light to 28,000 homes in Manila. It has made its way to Switzerland and Colombia and is planning its way to U.K. By 22nd April,2013(Earth Day), the project's target is to install 10,000 solar bottles in 100 locations in Philppines and ten other countries.

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