Saturday 2 February 2013

When India Awakes

The Golden Bird of the ancient history always seems to be in a perpetual sleep as the serious allegations go unnoticed and the people remain in an unaccountable frenzy. Only things that pop up in the news regarding India are poverty, government dysfunctions, corruption, unimplemented laws of the largest constitution and obituaries of innocent people.

But in the past few days India was not only awake but also superactive as the Indan government administered polio vaccine to an estimated 172 million children, greater than the entire population of Russia. In 1988, India housed as many as 200,000 people afflicted with polio. However, last month,India marked two years with not even a single polio case.

not even a single polio case
This successful attempt of India waging war against polio and bringing in an unexpected victory clearly proves that what can happen when its government sets rational policies backed with proper funding and immaculate execution.

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