Saturday 19 January 2013

Environmental Boost Up

Nature does not admit lie. Man seems to have started understanding nature's callous attitude which comes forth when it wears away its compassion and motherhood. Awareness is spreading gradually and man has started taking initiatives. California and New York both are there on their pace in the run towards making a change.

In California, population growth and associated coastal development have caused loss of 90% of wetlands. But the optimism spread by a single positive act has capability unbound to nullify a negative one. People there have called off a day as California Coastal Clean Up Day , an annual beach and inland waterway cleanup event as per the California Coastal Act passed in 1970s. It goes well with its slogan "Every piece of trash you remove reveals something beautiful".

every bit of trash you remove reveals something beautiful

While California walks ahead, New York (The Big Apple) is no way behind and the initiative has been taken by Paula Segal. She is on a mission to connect city dwellers with their vacant lots in their lives and on their street corners. She discovered 596 acres of public sites barren in Brooklyn alone and she has made out the difference in just 18 months by embellishing 65 different lots with beautiful gardens.

These non-profit projects have created their own effect for nature is an effect whose cause is God.

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