Saturday 12 January 2013

Service to God is Service to Mankind

The saying has been proved to be very true indeed by a nurse called Martha Keochareon. Ms. Keochareon, 59, is presently suffering from pancreatic cancer and lies down on her bed in her small house.

In spite of suffering from insurmountable pain, she felt to serve the last job of a medical practitioner so far. She called up the students from Hoyloke's Nursing College and introducing herself said, "I am wondering if you'll need somebody to do a case study on, a hospice patient." Her intention was to let know the students what a tumor feels like and all about hospice care that aims to help terminally ill people die comfortably at home.

The response from the college was also good as shortly Ms. Keochareon was made glad by the visit of two young students with intriguing questions and curious brains.

service to God is service to mankind
So even as she was counting her days, she offered herself as an instructor in caring.

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