Monday 28 January 2013

A Wave of Revolution

Education has become the most easily cash-able business today. While the government plans for free primary education for the poor and handicapped children is a complete failure, the admission packages of the private universities soar high in the sky. In such a situation, the option for open online courses is a great relief for the aspiring students.

massive online open courses
Channeling incredible hope for the future, these massive open online course(MOOC) programs have been developed by Stanford and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and by companies like Coursera and Udacity. Today they have 2.4 million students, taking 214 courses from 33 universities, including 8 international ones. Even M.I.T and Harvard are jointly building a non-profit MOOC called edX.

These classes on circuits have immensely benefited the children suffering from autism who don't have to strain their social behavior or face attention deficit. These courses not only provide a blend of finest lectures from erudite lecturers with a less expenditure but also enables its members to keep in sync with the world and worldly affairs.

This wave of revolution has started well and is expected to benefit people from all parts.

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