Thursday 28 November 2013


Researchers at Stanford University in California have built an artificially intelligent tutor which can decode and assess submitted codes as a whole.'Codewebs', the software, can deliver fast and precise feedback to thousands of online students within a few moments. The capability of the 'roboteacher', as per the claim, is certainly extraordinary.

It is well known that online courses are growing day by day and a human teacher cannot guide and give feedback to thousands of students simultaneously. But, Codewebs can compare submissions from thousands in courses offered by Coursera with database and cluster them according to similarity with one another. The stunning feature of the software is that it can give solutions of submissions as a whole and not for each slice of code. The program can also be extended to quantitative subjects like Mathematics and thousands of students across the globe can learn simultaneously, one of the researchers has claimed.

The researchers will demonstrate Codewebs at the Neural Information Processing System Conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada in December.

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