Sunday 17 November 2013

Right Diet and No Medicine

A recent World Health Organization report has concluded that by increasing people's consciousness up to 80% of diseases can be avoided and, US metabolic medicine expert and anti-ageing specialist Dr. Ron Rosedale  has indicated the way to bid adieu to diseases. 

According to Rosedale good health stretches both youth and longevity and, key to health is metabolism that turns food to essentials for life. He said that optimal intake of fat and protein could lead to good health and recommended diet regimen rich with fiber and animal proteins from non-grain eating animals. From a great variety of available food he suggested paneer, fish, chicken, soups, salads, mushroom, curd, nuts, black soybean, lemon, fresh coconut and raw guava. He also suggested to  restrict white potato, bread, cereals along with banana, grapes, honeydew, pineapple and pumpkin. The Rosedale diet is all about eating when we are hungry but avoid all starchy carbohydrates.

Right Diet and No Medicine

Dr. Rosedale has opined that some medicines that reduce chances of heart disease by 50% also accelerate the risk of cancer by more than 100%. He claimed that by manipulating the insulin genetic pathway, it was possible to prolong life vastly. Currently, the studies are going on at Harvard, Southern Illinois University, Edinburgh, Cambridge and host of other places.

Pointing to funded research by pharmaceutical corporations to promote medicines, Rosedale said the firms would welcome more diabetic and heart patients to make money and severely criticized US policy encouraging high-carb and low-fat diet.   

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