Sunday 21 April 2013

Sanchali: Movement Towards Wellness

Dakshayini Gowda, a woman who grew up like any other girl, held great fascination in her grandmother's jewellery. The silver and gold were not the reasons to spellbound her rather it was the jewels embellished with flowers, leaves, twigs and seeds.Her inclination towards art brought her to attain a Bachelor Degree in  fine arts(sculpture) and a Master Degree in Archaeology and Museology.

Her academic background  and research emphasis on pottery, jewellery and textiles of the Indus Valley Civilization motivated her to initiate the project Sanchali(in Sanskrit-movement) to make the students aware of their rich heritage and widen their knowledge about their forefathers. Soon she created imitations of the sculptors for students to see and feel and also started conducting workshops.

Even the unemployed poor women got into the training to make a livelihood out of it leading to the reincarnation of the eco-friendly jewellery with the concept of recycling.
sanchali towards wellness

"Our goal s to revive the dying tradition of recycling. At the same time we aspire to encourage art novices and connoisseurs to draw upon their proclivity for nature,"says Dakshayini. This incredible mix of beauty and education is competent to light up many lives.

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