Wednesday 17 April 2013

Gravity Light

Sir Issac Newton was the first one to observe that the apple falls and the reason is well-known today. It"s gravity, something which holds us stable and also breaks our knee when we stumble. Neither a friend nor a foe, just something to keep us DOWN.

But the London-based designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves have really made a friendly creation out of this so-called trivial monster "GRAVITY". They have designed a gravity powered lamp that can light up far-off remote areas with a bag of sand and rock gradually lowering it towards the ground. A series of gears in the light transfers weight into energy. The innovators estimate that it could be sold off to the villages at a modest price of $5.

Gravity light not only stands as a safer alternative for the expensive and polluting kerosene but also a promising source to light the lives of the poor. An appeal made by Riddiford and Reeves have attracted pledges of more than 257,000 British pound which is quite a handsome amount for the developmental stages of Gravity Light production.
gravity light

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