Thursday 11 April 2013

Passthoughts for Passwords

How about giving a thought to the thought that if you could just barge into your social connective sites by merely giving the LAN a thought? Confused...then shake off your doubts. Its true and is really going to make you think in the near future.

Phrasing passwords for the different sites in the process of becoming more and more social and upgraded leads to a new inventory of the mind everytime comprising of several uppercase-lowercase characters, numbers and symbols. It becomes a really pesky job to keep a hold of all of them.

To this effect a wireless headset that connects to the computer via Bluetooth has been designed where
passthoughts for passwords
the device sensor measures brainwaves emitting an electroencephalogram(EEG ) signal which is unique to every individual, So even if someone knew the password their emitted EEG would be different.

''The NeuroSky Mindset looks just like any other Bluetooth set and is more user-friendly", researchers at the University of California, Berkeley School of Information said. It even offers multiple options of use with mobiles, music players and other devices.

So jut get ready and count down the moments for it to be commercialized.

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