Thursday 4 April 2013

Eco-grazing Mowers

As the world's inclination towards nature draws closer, certain unheard and strange plans take their step forward towards a sustainable environment. Cordoning off land and air pollution, people of Paris have taken a step forward to curb noise pollution also.

The archivists in Paris requested the mayor's office for a donkey but instead got 4 watchful black sheep of the Ouessant breed. They have been employed to graze half-an acre of land in the 19th Arrondissement of Paris near the City Hall eliminating the use of noisy, gas-guzzling mowers and costly herbicides to pasture the land.

This eco-grazing plan has other projects at its disposal which would be executed if the City Hall plan works out well. People curious to know about the process are allowed to visit the area and panels have been put up at various places to make them understand what the sheep is actually doing.
eco-grazing mowers

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