Wednesday 13 March 2013

Spiritual Philanthropy

Where life seeks life and stands upright with all worries banished away, proves that humanity exists even today. A 7-year old Abigail Williams has added substance to this very concept. She suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Batten's Disease.

Though her parents , Kevin and Christine Williams, had raised a fund of  $33,600 with the hope of their daughter's permanent cure but their expectations were shattered away on getting a cold response from the doctor. God had something still left to be unveiled. Just 10 miles away from Abigail's house lives a small 3-year old boy named Kyle whose parents were working hard enough to raise ample fund for a trans-Atlantic surgery to enable their son to walk for the first time. The Williams have decided to donate their fund for the boy's treatment as it was of no further good to their daughter.

The Weavers were shocked by the generosity of the Williams.Kevin Williams told the Telegraph. "It’s Kyle’s money now – his needs are more imminent than Abigail’s. Hopefully people who donated will understand.”

Though the Kevins have lost their battle of saving their daughter but they have still won by winning humanity continuing to play in the face of defeat.

Spiritual Philanthropy

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