Saturday 30 March 2013

Sturdy Heart, Stalwart Determination

A life nurtures a life within for 9 long months enduring all the internal pain with the hope of extreme happiness that would dawn upon in the form of all manifestations vested in one. This was the kind of solace that Christine Bertalan sustained while she was pregnant.

But unfortunately the baby born suffered from aortic stenosis in which a valve in his heart didn't form properly and this could cause pressure build up against the inside walls and damage.Christine only wanted her baby to be perfect like any other mother and her will became her persistence. Jesse had bolloon valvuloplasty to open up the narrowed heart valve at the age of 1 year. Since then he has undergone three open heart surgeries.

Though this was a limitation for Jesse to pursue with his interest for baseball, but his mother remained a constant guide and encouraged him never to quit. His determination also knew no boundary and finally he established his own freshman team in his school  in Sacramento, Calif.

He is under constant observation of doctors while his mother serves as a volunteer in the American Heart Association.
Christene and Jesse Bertalan

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