Friday 22 March 2013

Usefulness of the Useless

According to Oscar Wilde, "Youth is wasted on the young''. But the young generation of today is wise enough to rule out this saying. Their actions speak out their minds to induce a positive change in the world and not just their immature easily swayed decisions resulting from the skirmishes between their mind and heart. That they have ample grey matter to turn the word into a beautiful place has been proved true by four teenage girls from Africa.

The model designed by them is rocking headlines around the world since its submission in the Maker Faire Africa, an event which aims to lead ground-breaking innovations by individual makers to fruition.The girls worked together to assemble a working generator capable of converting 1 litre of urine into 6 hours of  electricity. So turning pee into current requires just a full bladder.

usefulness of the useless
Though it has not yet satisfied the technical criteria to be commercially launched but the young ladies putting an effort to create something valuable from waste is really commendable.

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