Saturday 16 February 2013

Sugar beats Antibiotics

In the medical field, sugar is imperative to be correlated with diabetes, low insulin level, hyperglycemia ad other health devils. But as per a new research sugar heals wounds faster than antibiotics.

sugar heals wounds
The study found that granulated sugar poured directly into bed sores, leg ulcers and even amputation promotes healing when antibiotics and other treatments have failed. The sugar draws water from the wound into a dressing thereby fastening the healing process. This method of treatment was initially practiced in Zimbabwe in Africa. Moses Murandu had seen his father use sugar as a healing miracle and revived the obsolete practice again in Britain.

Even the patients seem to recover quite well with this revolutionized ancient technique. Bayliss, a 62 year old electrical engineer who had underwent knee-amputation in his right leg due to an ulcer reported a drastic decrease in his wound from using a whole pot of sugar to just a few teaspoonfuls of it.

Something as simple as sugar has not only given the patients a physical boost but also a psychological boost by eliminating the harms rendered by antibiotics. Perhaps the simplest is the best.

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