Friday 8 February 2013

Addicts Stay Sober

Addiction is perhaps the most interesting term we find in the dictionary. A perfect oxymoron- a mix of satisfaction and frustration which clings more to the heart of its fanatics than to their system's desire. But life is variable and change constant. It is how hard one has to persevere to take up and keep up to that change. Well, its even harder to be the change. Scott Strode is a remarkable example of this.

Initially, he led the life of an alcoholic and drug addict. But his love for sports overpowered his inclination towards the rest and nipped off his obsession preventing it to proliferate in his entire life.After beating his addiction , Strode found his support through sports. Since 2007, his non-profit, Phoenix Multisport, has provided free athletic activities and a sober support community to more than 4700 people in Colorado.

''Life should be better once you get sober. We want to help people build a new life, a new self-image and have fun without getting high,"says Scott Strode.

addiction done away with sports
If you have an addiction for something that's spoiling your life, perhaps you have not got it right. There is something more deadly which you are still left to discover. It is true passion that upholds you.

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