Thursday 15 November 2012

The Genocide Trauma

Its calm under the waves in the blue of the world's oblivion. But the inside is all on fire. The suffering of the Rohingya people seems to be interminable and a constant fear of persecution floats in the atmosphere. The call for their protection needs the United Nations to interfere once more. The Burmese President Thein Sein had proposed the Burmese people to live in camps under the supervision of the UN forces. They don't even owe the citizenship of Burma's Arakan state.

The clash between the Rohingyas and the Rakhines was so severe that it called for the interference of the European Union countries, Asian countries and the Organisation of Islamic forces to restore peace and order. Right to citizenship and equality of the Rohingya people in their own native land comes much after their innate life to live.

Compelled to become refugees, 2 million Rohingya people have already fallen prey to genocide whereas 1 million are still excruciated in Arakan state and 500'000 are dispersed all around Burma, the land of Pagodas.

Rohingyas and Rakhines
"We make war so that we may live in peace." May be the bloodshed of the Rohingyas and Rakhines wash away their rivalry so that they coexist in peace thereafter.

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