Thursday 1 November 2012

Sandy v/s Nilam

While the superstorm Sandy has already wreaked great havoc in the New York city, southern India awaits to be churned up by the catastrophic cyclone Nilam.

Cascading in with a speed of 80mph, the storm has abandoned the lives of millions along the US east coast. This unprecedented happening has caused almost incalculable loss to life, trade, education, infrastructure, finance and economics. On the other hand, whirling from the deep depression in the Bay of Bengal, the satanic Nilam is gradually heading towards Andhra Pradesh and is likely to set irreparable loss with incessant rainfall pouring down on normal life.

But amidst these nature's woes, besides the loss of life and property what matters more today is political gain.The mammoth storm Sandy has not only haunted the people of US with unpredictable loss, it has also aroused complexities between the present US President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney. The presidential campaigns flooded with promising speeches and influential appeals have been held stationary due to the fast moving diabolical repercussions of the storm and meanwhile has led to frenzy and mounting nervousness in both the candidates. Meanwhile it has given the President a golden chance to prove the tenacity of his tenure .

The upsurging Telangana issue is also likely to either come to a halt or else get fueled by the cyclone Nilam.

reaping political gains from catastrophs

Though this devastation called up by nature culminates into suffering but not even this misery remains forbidden of the political boundaries. The politicians are deft at reaping out their benefits even out of a barren, paralyzed land.

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