Tuesday 6 November 2012

Chilika :An Ecological Boon

The state of Odisha in India houses the largest coastal brackish water lagoon in India and the second largest lagoon in the world , the Chilika Lake. Designated as the first Indian Wetland of International Importance(in 1981) under the Ramsar Convention, microbial diversity of this lake s varied enough to attract research projects and bio prospecting of micro-organisms for isolation of bio-active compounds.

Waste to fuel concept is being investigated by the use of effective micro-organisms isolated from the brackish water of Chilika Lake. Several isolated microbes show multiple enzymatic abilities and can be used for degradation of food waste which contains starch, fats, proteins, cellulose, chitin  pectin, xylan, etc.The products of the reactions involved like glucose, glycerol, fatty acids can be used for fermentation or fuel generation. This concept is being explored for its potential in biological waste management.

Being rich in biodiversity, it attracts several migratory birds from the snow-capped regions every year. But unfortunately the foolish human acts have resulted in extreme bio-magnification in Chilika. The ill-effects of the irrational human activities has greatly affected the population  of the Irrawaddy Dolphin, the flagship species of Chilika Lake.

As such the Odisha government has taken a step forward towards preserving its rich natural heritage and has collaborated with many organisations to conduct projects regarding clearing of waste and bio-remediation  This optimistic step towards the bequest of Chilika is an act more friendly for mankind than for nature.

the largest brackish water lagoon

The very fact makes one realize we are more connected to the nature than separate from it.

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