Thursday 19 September 2013

Ecocosm in Danger

Kogi, one of the world's most ancient tribes, had already speculated 25 years ago about Nature's vagaries hidden in the disguise of mankind's materialistic development.The Colombian tribe rose up only to warn the world of their forebodings that will fall upon them like a disaster.Their message was conveyed by a documentary named "From the heart of the world:The Elder Brother's Warnings that did have a far-reaching global impact with respect to the number of the views but still the message remain unheard.

For the first time in 1988 they had contacted a person from the outside world. He was Alan Ereira, a filmmaker for the BBC. Having neither any wheel for transportation nor any written or spoken language for communication, this tribe delivered its message via a short video clip. It said that we are irrationally damaging our Earth for fulfilling our short term interests and the damage will be irrevocable.

But their was no positive response. So the tribe communicated Ereira again in 2008 to make us realise the potential danger we are heeding towards more with our eyes and less with our ears. They showed the 400 km line of golden thread physically laid by them going through all the precious ecosystems and exhibiting their gradual decline.

When these people, who have never been given the so called 'education' of ours, can think this closely of a feeling earth, then it seems an unresolvable question that "why can't we?".
eco-cosm in danger

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