Tuesday 13 August 2013

Mutualism at its Best

Complete independence is a logic which is practically defied and factually proven wrong by the laws of Nature. Even 'survival of the fittest' need to stride the boundaries of self-implicated potentials and take an insight into the elements that can support it.

This has been well-established by the discovery made by the forest ecologist Suzanne Simard and her colleagues at the University of British Columbia. According to the research, greenery supporting the entire biosphere itself follows the theory of symbiosis.The trees have been found to communicate through an underground fungal web of mycorrhiza that accounts for the purposeful sharing of nutrients, water, carbon and other vitals. The giant trees, apart from warding off the nature's evils also nourish and safeguard the small ones. Their population has been observed to decrease drastically by destruction aimed at the colossal ones.

 Practices like plowing may be adding to human benefit but at the same time destroy the forest's channel of communication.Conclusively, the divine law of flourish and perish also includes communication and connectivity as its inexorable part.
communication among trees

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