Monday 9 December 2013

Future Image

Now you can have your image two decades before you reach the age. Gen Lab, a US based organization specialising in aging process and genetic study, has claimed.

If lifestyle remains same and possibility of some diseases in future is cancelled, physiological changes of adult humans for next two decades are almost correctly predictable. Study of gene damage process and some other factors influencing the aging process has reached that height, the report claims.

According to the report, rate of loss of muscle tone, drying/thinning of skin, receding gums of mouth, loss of bone mass in the jaw and consequential changes of the face and neck of adult humans over decades can be calculated much before. Other physical  changes, including skin and hair, are also foreseeable. 

Availability of future 'photographs' at present will satisfy the normal human desire to know about future and can help detecting absconders, the report says.

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