Sunday 21 July 2013

Healthy babyhood ensured:FDA

BPA or Bisphenol A is a ubiquitous chemical that made its entry into the commercial world early in 1957. It is a prevalent chemical used in water bottles, cans, baby bottles, formula milk and an array of food packaging and is quoted as unavoidable by many commercials.

Though the FDA have determined small amounts of BPA in liquid infant formula, powdered infant milk mix was found to have no detectable levels.But the proven benefit of good nutrition outweighs the health risk posed by BPA. Whereas according to some researchers if it is a problem then its better to avoid it.

This chemical is kind of a synthetic estrogen and poses threats ranging from obesity to breast cancer. With regard to this several baby bottle manufacturers have already banned its use and Sunoco, a major manufacturer of BPA, has stopped selling it to such industries.

Though it still remains in use for other market goods, babies are secure and meanwhile their parents complaisant on this act of FDA.
BPA eliminated from baby milk bottles

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