Monday 15 October 2012

Cannabinoid Annihilation

"Just because its legal doesn't mean it is safe". Negligence to this very fact shows that annihilation is in the air, it is upon us. In spite of laying down 9 Scots in hospital beds, its online demand and marketing continues. Such is the perpetual in reserve knowledge of the street chemists about drug that every-time the law cracks down on an intoxicant, a new strain pops up to compensate its loss.

The latest of these "legal highs" called "Annihilation" has been prohibited in the UK after hospitalizing 9 people in the past 3 months. But how can a person taking a drug called 'annihilation' expect sympathy for hospitalization?

Prof. Les Iversen, the chairman of the British government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs(ACMD), said-"It is an example of how fast moving this field is".

Scientifically, this new synthetic drug which is a principle imitant of marijuana has the potential to cause paranoia, aggression, accelerated heart rate, unconsciousness and numbness.
Cannabinoid annihilation banned in UK
The ban on this drug is hoped to clear off the dark clouds in the warped world of new psycho-substances.

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